Asset & Wealth Management

Greenwich Asset Management Limited (GAML) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Greenwich Merchant Bank registered as a Fund/Portfolio Manager with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). We provide tailored investment solutions targeted at delivering unrivalled value to our stakeholders through research-led product and service offerings.

Our team of experienced portfolio managers understand clients’ objectives, risk appetite, investment horizon and liquidity needs while deploying adequate risk mitigation frameworks to ensure capital preservation and optimal returns.

Wealth Management

For our Ultra and High-Net-Worth clients, we provide top-class products and services that are professionally delivered on very competitive terms, using cutting-edge technology.

We are committed to providing exclusive and personalised services as well as investment solutions that offer unique value propositions to all our stakeholders.

Our products and services include Specialised Financing, Estate Administration, Fixed Income Investments, Fiduciary Services and Wealth Management.

Investment Advisory Services

Our Investment Advisory services offer clients different strategic reviews and forecasts to enable the formulation of well-rounded investment decisions across different asset classes.

We carry out periodic reviews of our clients’ portfolios based on market volatilities and regulatory environment to achieve optimal returns on investment.

Collective Investment Schemes

To meet the wide range of investor objectives, we have a bouquet of Mutual Funds tailored to meet our clients’ objectives.

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Portfolio Management

Our team of Portfolio Managers formulate client-specific strategies based on an agreed mutual understanding of our clients' investment objectives to deliver optimal value.

Other Services