Greenwich Connect

Greenwich Connect is a specialised suite of services packaged by Greenwich Securities Limited and is designed to help our clients resolve the challenges associated with their investments.

Our business relationships and frequent liaison with various registrars and other repository bodies, give us the advantage to discover and retrieve, with due authorisation from the beneficiary, any or all outstanding investment benefits that may have accrued to our clients. This includes benefits from corporate actions of companies in whose instruments the portfolio may have been invested, e.g. outstanding dividends or other distributions, bonus shares or dematerialised share certificates.

Our experience also enables us to effectively reconcile our clients’ Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) accounts to reflect their true position.

The following are some of the services we provide through Greenwich Connect:

1. Conduct of Global Accounts Search;

2. Reconciliation of Shareholdings;

3. Retrieval of Investment/ Corporate Benefits;

4. Consolidation of Investment Portfolio Accounts;

5. Revalidation of Stale Dividends;

6. Change of Mandate and Correction of Names;

7. Registration for E-Dividend;

8. Dematerialisation of Share Certificates;

9. Collection of Activity Reports;

10. Transmission of Shares.