Capital Markets

Greenwich Merchant Bank has led and co-managed Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Public offerings for several blue chip companies in The Nigerian Capital Market. The capital markets team provides financing solutions for clients by determining the optimal deal structure and securing the capital necessary to advance clients’ strategic and financial objectives. Over time, the team has successfully executed over 150 capital raising mandates on behalf of private and public sector clients requiring medium to long term funding for various projects under the following categories of capital:

1. Equity: The team provides advice on equity and equity-linked offerings such as Initial Public Offerings, Public Offerings, Rights Issue, Private Placements, Listing by Introduction and Share Buy-backs.
2. Debt (Senior and subordinated, corporate and government): Our dedicated debt capital markets team, works with our Clients in arranging debt financing such as Commercial Papers, Bonds, Notes, Bridge Loans and Mezzanine debts by providing access to our global pool of investors.
3. Hybrid instruments such as Preference shares, Convertible bonds, Mezzanine debts etc.